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July 29, 2011

a sense of belonging

Do you have moments where you just seem to notice the little blessings in your life?  Where the nuances of the ordinary just seem to sing a beautiful song?

That's exactly what this week has been like for me.  The time with family was extra special, even through the hectic pace of long car rides and theme parks, there was a sense of peace...a gentle nudge to remember right now.

As we finish off this week's summer visit with my sister and nephew with an early birthday celebration and another family gathering, and before we put them on the plane home for Texas, I am thankful for the blessing of family...thankful for a life (although far from perfect) full of love, of security, of belonging.

I pray that for you, too.  Have a wonderful weekend!

July 28, 2011

peach crisp

I used the last of the peaches to make a simple peach crisp. 

The mornings have been nice and cool, so I decided to take a slice outside with my morning coffee and enjoy the weather before the heat sets in. 

We did everything we were not supposed to with our peach tree...we were told not to expect many fruit this first year and what was produced, should be thinned out considerably.  Of course, when those little fruit actually appeared, I didn't have the heart to pick any of them off.

It was actually sad to pick that last peach.  I'm already looking forward to next year, I just hope our luck holds out and the peaches are plump and plentiful again.

Next in the garden?  I'm waiting on our pumpkins, the orange blossoms will be showing up in the next couple of months and the tomatoes are still plentiful, along with the basil which shows no sign of slowing down.  Ohhh...I think the day calls for a nice big pot of slow simmering sauce for spaghetti. 

I hope your harvest is bountiful, too!

July 26, 2011

black-eyed susans

It seems my garden has made the turn toward Autumn.  The roses are taking a much deserved break and the Shasta daisies have started to wane. 

Only the truly hardy flowers will shine in the August heat.

Fortunately for me, my local garden center put Rudbeckia, one of my favorite fall perennials, on sale just in time.  I went in with tunnel vision and came home with five new Black Eyed Susan plants to add to the front border.

This weekend promises a break in the heat so I am hoping to get out there and trim back the spent flowers and dig in my new additions.  For now I've just placed them in the garden, pots and all.  We'll call it kind of an audition for the real thing.

July 24, 2011

a blogging journey

As I shared in my last post, Lemon Lane Cottage is my second blog.  Like a lot of other bloggers, I entered the blogging world with no idea of what to expect, also like a lot of other bloggers, it took some time to decide not only what, but how much I wanted to share.

When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, it was with the intention of journaling for my family and friends.  I fell in love with blogging from the start.  The sharing, the encouragement and the creative camaraderie were more than I could have ever imagined.

As much as I enjoyed blogging, it didn't take long for me to realize that the line between real family life and blogging can be a delicate one and I began to feel a bit overwhelmed...trying to walk the tightrope and achieve a balance...so I backed away for a bit.

During my break I decided that if I were to return, it would have to be in a way that was fun for me and enjoyable to the reader...I wanted to showcase the pretty and positive things in my life.  It seemed natural that this would begin with my home and so, Lemon Lane Cottage was started.

The only problem was that crafting is such an important part of who I am and I really enjoy sharing what I'm working on...

So what's a girl to do?  I revamped my original blog gave it a new title, Time to bloom...sharing my love of hand made crafts, just for sharing my crafting adventures.

While the posting is erratic because my time in my craft studio varies so much, I think I have found my balance.  No pressure...just fun and a love of sharing the beauty in every day life.

The pictures in today's post are all from over there...if you like what you see, I'd love to have you stop over and take a peek.  I just can't promise when you'll see something new.

Life has a way of getting in the way of my crafting time...I'm sure none of you can relate!

*Edited to add - I am sorry if some felt deceived by me not revealing that this is not my first blog.  That was never my intention. 

July 22, 2011

that yellow bee pitcher

It's finally Friday and boy, am I looking forward to the weekend.

I've been racking my brain over my 'ten facts about me" list.  I had no idea how hard it would be to come up with ten.  But I promised, so here goes...ten things about me that you don't already know.

1. I hate peas, alway have since I was a little girl.  I don't know why, but just the thought of them makes me queasy.
2.  I love crafts of all kinds and actually have a separate blog dedicated to my crafting adventures.
3.    My camera is a Nikon D90.  I love it but freely admit that it is totally beyond my abilities as a photographer.
4.  My dream is to leave my State job next year, (yes, I am a government worker) and pursue my love of all things domestic, becoming as self sufficient as possible along the way.
5.  I have more designer paper and beautiful fabric than I will ever be able to use but I continue to buy it and hoard it.
6.  I really don't like to paint walls...in fact, I really, really, really don't like to paint walls.
7.  I have to choose to be content and not think the grass just might be greener in someone else's yard.
8.  I would rather buy new garden plants than a new pair of shoes.
9.  Our dog sleeps in the bed with us.  In fact, he usually ends up between our two pillows.
10. One day I want to open a little shop on etsy.

That's it...
Since so many of you asked, I purchased the yellow bee pitcher at a local shop in town...and yes, I adore it, too.

For those of you who noticed, you're right, that is a golf ball in my little white pitcher.  It seems there is always something stashed in there, including trains, hot wheels and even a harmonica. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  My sister's in town so I'll talk to you all on Sunday.

July 20, 2011

peck of peaches

Can you believe that first peck of peaches was gone before I could spell P.I.E.? (Can you believe I just used the phrase peck of peaches?)

I think there might still be enough fruit on the tree to whip one up if I hurry...

It seems I'll just have to settle for store bought blackberries and my last strawberry from our patch with my coffee this morning.

The very sweet Karen over at 4 Lil Girls graciously awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thanks Karen, your blog is so adorable and your projects are gorgeous.  Now you have me thinking about a few things to share about myself with my blogging friends that might even be remotely interesting. 

This will definitely take some pondering...but I promise to share ten things about myself (to place in your t.m.i. file) in my next post.  I can't even imagine what you might want to know about me?  Any suggestions?

July 18, 2011

fresh peaches

While I was making my rounds in the garden this weekend, I hesitated at our first year peach tree admiring the beautiful, ripening fruit. 

As I reached over to feel for softness, a nice big peach fell right into my waiting hand.

Could it be the wait is finally over? Has the taunting and teasing come to end?

I quickly grabbed a bucket and picked a dozen of these beauties to take inside and wash up.

Dare I say it?


Can you say, peach pie a la mode?

Here's to a week filled with fresh baked goodness.

July 15, 2011

warming it up

I've started the color warm up in the living room with a gathering of treasures on hand,
a collection of mismatched lovelies.

As much as I enjoyed experimenting with the shabby whites, soft blues and trendy grays of the new classic cottages, I find I am most at home with vibrant, rich colors, especially reds and yellows.

I think one of the reasons so many of us gravitate toward "cottage" style is because it allows for individuality...both in color and collections.  It lets you surround yourself with all the things you love, move them from here to there and back again, until you reach your own personal well worn, much loved style.  A place that says, 

sit down...
rest a spell...
you're home.

I hope this weekend provides you plenty of time to enjoy doing just that.

July 13, 2011

vintage aprons

The sight of my vintage aprons still makes my heart smile. 

I imagine the women who have worn them before me…singing as meals where prepared for family gatherings, praying as soup was made for sick loved ones, humming Christmas carols as cookies and pies were lovingly placed in the oven.

 It makes me want to add new stories to the old... new memories for generations to come.

I'm joining Dayle for Simple Pleasures.

the backyard

Most of the pictures I've shared have been of the front perennial bed.  I think I may be partial to it because I started it as a new bed and I love seeing it mature but our backyard is actually a big part of what sold us on this house.

The beautiful stone walkways, the pond and the huge patio were all here when we moved in, as where multiple mature trees that provide wonderful summertime shade.

We have added and removed some in the three years we've lived here including this peach tree and a little vegetable patch which I have big plans to expand this fall.

I really admire those of  you who can be totally content with where you live.  I wish I could say I have always been one of those.

 I am more content now than I've ever been and I think it's been more of a conscious choice than an actual arrival at a destination.

I love it here in our little suburban cottage on Lemon Lane.  Not because it's the grandest place we've ever lived, not because it's acres secluded in a thicket of trees with rolling hills and a beautiful lake, but because I've learned contentment is an attitude within the heart.

I'm linking up with Fishtail Cottage for Flora Thursday...

July 11, 2011

in all fairness

In all fairness to my husband, I should have given a little more background to our “puke” discussion.  I was asking his opinion and after much back and forth he said the living room was not to his taste (it was starting to look a little bit too much like my studio which is very feminine and fufu”). 

Since the living room is the only common room in the house that he spends time in, his input is important to me.  I asked for his opinion…Actually, I was surprised he feels as strongly as he does. 

After reading a few comments I realized that the one sentence on its own was a tad bit out of context. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some painting to do.

scratch that one

As you know, I've been trying to cottage up our living room.  I had an idea in my head as to the direction I wanted to go and as the pieces started to come together I liked it less and less but I figured I'd live with it for a while and see if it "grew" on me. 

Then the other day my husband put the decisive nail the coffin with his ever so tactful comment, "This turquoise makes me want to puke."  Sorry for the graphic language but if I'd said it any other way you might have missed the passion behind it.

I still love the color combination and the softness of the look but in the overall scheme of the living room, with it's bulky brown leather sofa's, it just isn't working.

So most, (not all) of the robin's egg (not turquoise, honey) blue is being painted.  I'm not sure what color yet, probably red since it is the common thread throughout the adjoining dining room and kitchen.

That's the great thing about decorating...try something new and if it doesn't work out you can always repaint or recover and start over.

This redo is a very inexpensive and easy fix but I've had others that cost me much more. 

What about you?

July 9, 2011


Early each morning I go out and take a walk in the garden, hose in hand, and reflect.  It's a time to let my mind wander from the minutia to the pressing things in life.

There really isn't much to do out here as the hot weather dictates that the garden is pretty much on it's own.  But my time in the garden is still needed...

The renewal it brings is still there. 
The peace it provides is still there. 
The nourishment it yields is still there.

Every soul needs a quiet time of reflection.  Be sure you find yours today.  Have a wonderful weekend.

July 6, 2011

mini garden of blooms

I gathered a few flowers together from the garden to make little bouquets for my nieces baby shower.

She wanted simple arrangements so I gathered little canning jars and such from around Lemon Lane Cottage and started filling them up.

Sweet little bouquets on each of the tables.

Aren't they pretty all gathered together? 

A mini garden of blooms from me to you.

July 5, 2011


The only problem with three day weekends is that Tuesday comes way too soon.  

I had a chance to putter around Lemon Lane Cottage catching up on some cleaning and dusting.  It never sounds exciting but once you get started, it's not so bad especially if you love what you're cleaning.

When I was a kid it would take me forever to do the dusting in our house.  I would start out fine but somewhere along the way I would get distracted by my mom's figurines or the family scrapbook and the dusting would come to a halt.  My mom knew this and before long she'd holler from the other room to get a move on.

Funny, I can still be distracted pretty easily when I putter although now I think it has more to do with my age than any pretty figurines.

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and had a chance to putter a little. too.