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August 15, 2011

container love

In getting ready for my little get together I knew the containers on the porch and patio needed a little love. 

Containers are so much fun to spruce up.  For relatively little money you can put pops of color where ever you need it.  Annuals are just that...annuals.  They are available in Southern California year round and you can always find one in season and ready to put on a show.  When they're finished you simply replace them with whatever else is blooming.

I am such a color person and am happy to mix the bright with the subtle...

the pale pinks with some bright oranges.

My mantra is if it will hold a little potting soil, it needs a flower blooming.

I had so much fun preparing for my garden party and can't wait to show you the back patio all ready to entertain.  I also got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, who happens to live just down the road from me.  Small world...who'd have thunk.

Be back to share who soon!


  1. Your containers full of color are wonderful. Makes me want to go home and perk mine up a bit. Your porch is so cute too.

  2. They all look lovely. The color is just right for each one.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Your container of basil is amazing. Wish I could borrow some for tonight's ravioli.

  4. Container gardens are the best.. and yours are no exception...Mine are just about done here.. So I will start getting ready for fall things...

  5. Hello,
    Your containers are so lovely.

  6. It was all so lovely. Thank you for sharing it with me yesterday!!

  7. Hi Patty! I didn't know you have a gardening blog. I still visit you at your sewing blog. Thank you for your sweet comment. It's nice to know I was forgotten!

  8. How beautiful...now if the heat wave would stop I would go plant some color, but thanks for sharing yours

  9. Hmmmm, you've inspired me to try some pots again.