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June 14, 2011

a writing desk

I’ve been inspired by so many beautiful blogs to create my own special place to correspond with others. 

I cleaned off the desk in my craft room and started gathering pretty things from around the house. 

A lovely blue letter holder and a misfit piece of stemware...

Add to that a chippy bird candle holder, a dollar tree rose painted jar, a piece of aqua pyrex and a magnetic dry erase board...

Now, whether it’s a handwritten note, a handmade card or even a quick email, taking the time to sit and string kind words together is such an enjoyable experience. 

What about you, do you have a little space to call your own?

It is so easy to be an encourager when you’re surrounded by such pretty things.  

Don’t you agree?


  1. Such a lovely space indeed! I really wish I had a little desk for crafting and writing but there's no room the way things are right now. My space is a loveseat in the tv room where I keep my mini HP, a lap pad from Ikea that has a hard service where I can blog and use it for writing and a bit of crafting too. No one else sits here but me. :) But I will find a way, somehow to have a desk one of these days. ENCOURAGEMENT IS OXYGEN TO THE SOUL! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Tammy

  2. Such a lovely pretty place for your special time....I think it is so important no matter how small it may be to have somewhere to spend a few quiet moments in the day...
    Susan x

  3. Good for you for putting yourself on the list. Enjoy your private sanctuary.
    Love the photo on your header.

  4. It's charming! I'm blessed to have a home office and find it to be a sanctuary whenever I close the doors.

  5. Sadly I don't have a space of my own with three older daughters in school they have all desk space but I love yours. The colors would inspire me for sure.

  6. Your special space is beautiful!! I hope to have my own space one day!

  7. Pretty space to create...very nice!

  8. You've created a lovely space for yourself! I wouldn't show anyone mine at the moment :)

  9. Very pretty! I love your header photo.

  10. yes, I have a place I call my own to do such things and I've gotten a few ideas from you to add to my space such as your magnetic board..

  11. Your special little space is very charming.