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June 19, 2011

thanks dad

When I was born, Father's stayed in the waiting room until babies were born, cleaned up, and presentable.  Dads had a specific "man" role that did not involve changing diapers and midnight feedings.

The first girl born after three boys, I'm sure my dad was hoping for his little princess.  When it was clear I preferred cowboys and indians to dolls and tea parties he didn't skip a beat.  I always knew he was in my corner...he encouraged me to become anything I wanted...to never give up because I was special.

For that, and so much more, I say, "Thank you dad...I love you more than words can say."

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Happy Father's Day to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Weather turned out so nice yesterday. Hopefully we get a repeat for our BBQ today.

  2. very loving words -- love it when such kind words and thoughts go out to Dads..hugs

  3. I was born in that same era. I was the first born, after 36 hours of labor. As a matter of fact, when dad called his family to say I had arrived, they asked whether the baby was a boy or girl. . . and he didn't know!!!! ;0)

  4. Such a sweet post! :) I hope your Father's Day weekend was a good one! :)