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June 24, 2011

stacks of dishes

I’ve been going through closets, cleaning and purging again and have come across the prettiest dishes that I’ve accumulated over the years.

When I was first married I read and re-read a lovely book by Emilie Barnes about organizing your home.  It had the best system for labeling boxes and color coding index cards so that, when needed, you just cross referenced this with that and voila…poof…you just pulled out what you were looking for.

Well, 28 years of marriage, two children and four moves later, my house is filled with unlabeled boxes of who knows what and cupboards filled with unorganized pretties.

You know what I’ve discovered?  Once my things are out of sight, I forget about them.  I’m just not organized enough to know where things are if I don’t see them everyday. 

For some tormented reason, I’ve decided to finally deal with those boxes and messy cupboards( that I would be embarrassed if any one of you lovely ladies happened to open).  It’s time to pair down to what I truly love and will use.

I’m sure my pretty dishes feel a little like the forgotten toys in Toy Story 3, just waiting to be either played with or given away to someone who will love them.

So while I continue to sort and purge, my house has become a bit cluttered with stacks of pretty dishes.  How do I decide which toys go to college with me, which toys go up in the attic, which are given to family and friends and which are off to daycare?

The sorting continues…


  1. As a self-professed dish-a-holic, letting go of dishes is one of the hardest things that I personally can do.

    Your dishes are so beautiful! I'd be besides my self. On the other hand, I agree it's nice to be organized and know what you have and to use what you have!

    I'm sure everyone who receives a dish from you will treasure your lovely gift.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. You do have some lovely dishes there but I understand how hard it is to part with them. I know the old rule that if you haven't used them for years it's something that needs parted with. :) Harder to do than to say though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Those dishes are so pretty! Mostly what I've gotten hidden away just needs to be gotten rid of. Organizing should be top of my list this summer but it will have to wait until we get back from our 10-day trip coming up. Then I will have to kick it into gear. So much stuff just accumulates over time. Happy sorting! Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  4. love your pretty dishes, like an indoor garden.

    best of luck with all of your sorting. nothing like a good clearing out, for a little breathing space.

    hope your weekend is extra sunny.

  5. You really do have some pretty dishes. I can't give away pretties that match my decor and my much loved colors.
    Good luck in figuring out what to do with which ones.
    I'm glad I found your blog, it is really pretty and I love the name of it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. I would be delighted to find such treasures in my unlabeled boxes. The dishes I find are usually mismatched and in need of repair. I keep saying I'm going to do some mosaic wonder with them...just not sure what lifetime that will happen in :)

  7. What is it about dishes that makes it so hard to part with them? I have an already overflowing china cabinet of dishes but couldn't resist another set I found at the Salvation Army last week. Somebody pleases help me, I must be becoming a "hoarder"!

  8. Hey, we're entirely on the same wavelength! I've decided if I'm not using things, then someone else most assuredly should be.

  9. As I packed all my dishes I have collected through the 31 years of marriage,for our move, I thought the same thing...use them. I also enjoyed seeing again what I have, and all the memories behind each set, when they were bought and how many meals we have enjoyed with them.

    I plan to unpack them first.

    These are beautiful...enjoy and don't purge too much...

  10. Hon, I am so with you! Besides the nice thing about a purge is that you get to find new treasures. Right? Sorta' right? Oh well. At least you took pictures of all your pretties so we can see and enjoy them.

  11. Isn't it painful giving away your pretty dishes. We just started a new system of organizing my dishes down cellar. I like to see everything too. If it is in a box it might be years before I remember I have it. Good luck!!

  12. I know what you mean. Back in my teen years, I started a collection of teddy bear mugs. You know how it is when people know you collect, so that's all anyone gives you. Well, after I counted over 100 mugs, I finally had to beg people to stop giving them to me.

    I'm really rather over the collection and with 100+, there is really no good way to display them, so they just sit in the attic.

    Yet every time I tell myself I'll weed through them, I can't. Either I'd break up the set, or this one is cute. Or I bought that one on this vacation......

    At least you are really attempting to pare down. I haven't gotten to that point yet.

  13. Emilie came to our church once and talked to the ladies. I bought her books and was going to organize all my boxes. Still waiting to do it.
    Love all your dishes.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  14. OOO, I SO need to do this very thing.
    I have dishes that we will NEVER use and taking up valuable storage space. I hate to give up any of them in hopes that the grands will want them....someday. In the meantime, I guess I'll keep on hanging on to them.
    Hope your weekend is full of fun!

  15. What lovlies!! I know with me, out of sight, out of mind! I truly believe in bringing my pretties out of the boxes where I can enjoy them!! What a beautiful blog you have! I just came over from Bluebird Notes to have a look! Have a great day!! Jina

  16. You have some real lovelies there. I just love dishes. Good luck on all that sorting. I just love organizing projects when I have the time that is.

  17. Oh, I love that book by E. Barnes. I actually have several of her books. She has a great system. You have some beautiful looking "stacks" there!! Good luck with your organizing. . . you can do it!!

  18. I love your dishes , they are so pretty..
    Here in India our grandparents or parents used steel or aluminum for their day to day needs and hence we do not get vintage dishes or bowls.. all the glass collection is from a few years back which cannot be called vintage and hence when I see such plates or bowls on blogs my heart misses a beat..
    I love your delicate floral print set ...THANKS FOR SHARING...