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May 16, 2011

pretty glasses

I'd forgotten how inspiring a good cleaning can be.  I learned a long time ago that all the pretty things in the world can't take the place of a clean house.  Don't you agree? 

After pulling these pretty glasses out of the cupboard to wipe it clean, I gave them a quick run through the dishwasher and set them out on the sideboard. 

I love the way they caught the sunlight and mingled with my vintage Pyrex and happy, polka dotted chicken.

It seems a shame to put such pretty glasses behind a closed cupboard so I'm working on some open shelving to display them along with a few other beautiful everyday dishes.

What a joy it's been sharing bits of my home and garden with you.  I'm learning what I'm sure other bloggers already know, this is such an encouraging community and it really inspires you to make your home all that it can be. 

Thanks for welcoming me with open arms.  I can't wait to share more of the nook and crannies of Lemon Lane Cottage with you.

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  1. I heartily agree with you - cute is nice, but clean trumps it.

  2. I think I may have that same spotted chicken. Did you get it at Marshalls? I LOVE your glasses. And the way you photographed this is just perfect. The light playing through. You're catching on sooo fast, girl!

  3. Love the glasses! I agree, pull that stuff out of the cupboards and show it off or use it!


  4. I love their vintage flair! Those little pops of color just make you smile! It's no wonder we're still using them 40 years later!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  5. Yes, I absolutely agree! It is so true. Your glasses are so cute.

  6. sweet .....I love your dishware and the pyrex bowls... The glasses are so cheery, I would be tickled to drink from them everyday. have a lovely Rednesday! Mia @ The Child's Paper

  7. Morning sweetie..love those beautiful glasses and I have always believed that a clean house just makes you feel so much better....thanks so much for coming by..it allowed me to find your beautiful blog...hope you have a fantastic week...Picket

  8. Yes, I do agree..first the clean calm house, then the pretties to decorate it! I love the beautiful glasses and the polka dot chicken. Hope you're having a great week.
    Helen x

  9. Yes, it is nice having a clean house. My house will never be cluttered, but I do tend to neglect dusting as often as I should. At my age, is is a tiring job.l

  10. Oh good one. Happy Rednesday...Mine is up.

    Mine is here

  11. Cherries and strawberries on a glass would enhance the "drinkability" of any beverage!


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