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May 15, 2011

one corner at a time

Are you a list maker?  I am.  Not a schedule keeper necessarily, but a list maker.  I don't live my life by a day planner although goodness knows I've tried and I admire those that do.  I am more about seeing a need or having an idea and making a list of what I need to do to accomplish it.

My idea lists usually involve hand drawn sketches just in case the thought is fleeting (which seems to be the case more and more as I age).

I have lists of what I want to do in most every room in my house and every area of my gardens.  When I was younger I could tackle a whole room at a time but now it's more realistic to break them down into projects or corners of a room.

Right now I'm focusing on the living room which is the only common room of the house so it has to function for both conversation and TV viewing. 

When we moved in three years ago, we basically lined the seating up on the west side of the room with the TV and fireplace directly across.  This functioned okay for TV viewing but not so much for conversation.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I had my husband move the buffet into the dining room which freed up space next to the fireplace for this small upholstered chair that was basically a clothes catcher in my daughters room.

I brought in an antique drop leaf table from storage, added a thrift store bench for books and now I have a sweet little reading nook and a place to sit and visit with friends and family.

Still on my list for this corner...

Painting the drop leaf table
Adding a standing lamp
Making a new pillow
Reupholstering an old foot stool

It's still a work in progress but I'm happy with the way it's is coming along so far.

It feels good to cross items off my list even if it is just one corner at a time.

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  1. Love your cottage style and those cute colors together. Thanks so much for coming by. I am not a list maker unless the one in my mind counts.

  2. your cottage looks wonderful.i love your style.i am a list maker,too!
    have a nice sunday,
    love regina

  3. I've never been good at keeping a day planner either, but I make lists all the time :-) That quilt is beautiful!

  4. I make all kinds of lists but never seem to use them. I too admire people that are able to stick to a plan or schedule. Love the color of that frame!


  5. I love that chair! It's a keeper! That corner looks absolutely cozy. Perfect!

  6. It's looking lovely! Have a sweet day!

  7. I am a list maker and it is mighty long! But it helps me keep my head clear and I can tackle each to-do as I am able.

    I think your home is full of sweet character ~ warm, cozy and very inviting!

  8. I am a list maker too and keep the list in my purse! Love your cottage style!

  9. Oh, yes, I'm a list maker too and have to agree that I do small areas now instead of whole rooms like when I was young. Your corner has a very sweet cottage feel....I just want to sit and read a good book in that chair

    Happy Metamorphosis Monday to you :O)

  10. Oh yes...I am a list maker 100%!

    I love your red and blue...love it!

    Thanks for visiting me the other day. Happy new week to you. xo

  11. I am not a list maker...that is on paper, I keep it all in my head. Forget day timer...I have tried.

    I love what you have done. Oh I am re-upholstering a much love chair and have a footstool taken apart..I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

    Love the table..and I love painting furniture..have fun, I enjoyed the inspiration.

  12. I'm one of those that makes lists. I try my best to stick to the list, well we know how every day things can detour a person. I'm loving your changes. The chair is darling, so warm and inviting. I can sure see myself all curled up reading a book. hugs ~lynne~

  13. Your cottage is very bright and cheerful looking. I love lists also, especially when I can check things off!

  14. I love those bright cheery glasses! It's nice to accomplish something even if it's only a corner! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Greetings! I'm over from BNOTP. I, too, love making lists! And everything you've shown is lovely; love all the colors you used... the red, robin's egg blue, etc. Very pretty!