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May 28, 2016

Saturday morning musings on peace - let's chat

I had one of those restless nights where you find yourself wide awake at 1:00 in the morning with the weight of the world on your mind and no chance of falling back to sleep.  You know, the kind where you debate whether or not to just get up or lay in bed for 30 more minutes willing yourself to slumber.

purple iris

I hate those nights.  I'm fortunate not to have them very often but when I do they are doozies.  I wish I

May 27, 2016

Memorial Day weekend sales - fashion at 50

When I worked outside the home the Friday before a three day weekend was always my favorite. The thought of three days stretching out in front of me with no reason to get dressed up and all that time to putter in the house was such a glorious feeling.  Ironically, now that I work from home I look for reasons to get dressed and sometimes avoid what needs to be done at home.  Ha, ha!  I guess it's true, we want whatever we don't have.

summer styles over 50
(links to these Lemon Lane Style looks at end of post)

In that vein, now that I am posting five days of fashion, I miss sharing some of the other things going

May 26, 2016

black dress pants - fashion at 50

Now that I don't work outside the home it's nice to dress things up a bit whenever I can.  I don't own as many "nice" things as I used to but I always make sure to have a pair of black dress pants and a couple of dresses that fit well in my closet.

black dress pants with cream blouse

Even though our church is casual attire, I love wearing my dress clothes on Sunday morning.  I wore

May 25, 2016

dressing up white jeans - fashion at 50

I love finding cute clothes on sale but I am always so hesitant to purchase anything that is marked final sale unless it's something I've been eying for a while and I know the stores quality and sizes.

white jeans and peach blouse

That is exactly the case with this pretty peach, gauzy blouse that I found for 60% off at Loft

May 24, 2016

simple summer style - fashion at 50

I am getting a little tired of our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde weather.  (Are there any Once Upon  A Time fans out there?  I'm already stressing over next season!)  One minute I'm reaching for a sweater and the next I'm throwing on flip flops.  What's with that?  I'm ready for a little consistency, aren't you?

skinny cuff jeans and white peplum top

I have been loving white shirts lately no matter what the weather and am having to restrain myself

May 23, 2016

affordable sleeveless blouses for spring and summer - fashion over 50

How can it be Monday again, already?  These last few weeks have been rolling by at breakneck speed and we are three days away from school being out for the summer around here.  And with that news, the sun has finally decided to shine and the pep has returned in my step.

I am not ashamed to admit that I go in to Walmart once a week or at least once every two weeks for

May 21, 2016

Saturday morning musings in the garden - let's chat

As I poured my second cup of coffee this morning I glanced around my kitchen and smiled at the remnants of  yesterdays activities.  While the food is cleared away, there are still a few dishes left in the sink, keys, mail and sunglasses have once again accumulated on the kitchen counter and there's a roll of wrapping paper hanging out on the kitchen table.  You know, the usual morning clutter of life is strewn about.

cottage garden

So I decided to take my coffee and head outside to enjoy the quiet backyard garden in the crisp